Private Lessons

Want to learn how to tie up your partner?

Or have them tie you? Hands-on classes for couples are a great way to connect with your partner. It's the gift that keeps on giving! You will walk away from one class with the basic building blocks of doing rope bondage safely and creatively. 

My beginner classes are not a strict paint by numbers class. They are centered on learning the "painting" techniques or building blocks to create your own work of art. This is different from the standard rope bondage class where you usually must learn everything by rote. 


Want to expand your rope bottoming portfolio? Experience hands-on learning and build confidence and skills from someone who has spent years as a performance rope bottom! For those looking to expand their rope bottoming portfolio, I can provide images at no extra cost on the agreement I can use them as well.

Self Tying and Self Suspension

Learn to fly and gift yourself this amazing skill! Self riggers are a special breed and I'd be happy to kickstart a fellow crazy person's journey into this realm!

I'm available for private lessons in most BDSM basics.


$200 for 1 hour

$100 each additional hour.

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Knowledge is Power


I have been invited to teach a number of workshops at various dungeons, fetish clubs, and BDSM bars in and around Toronto, including:

Rope bondage basics (beginner)

Simple Sadistic Ties (beginner)

Introduction to Protocol (beginner)



Needle Play 101 (beginner)

Breath Play (students should have a strong foundation in risk-aware, consensual play)

Decorative Rope Bondage

Building Power Dynamics (beginner)


Prices are negotiable


"DominaDali has MBExtravaganza in her rope pedigree. You will be hard pressed to find another pro Domme in Toronto that has her skills." - Morpheous, BDSM author and Creator of the world's largest rope event, MBE

"It was a great introduction to the basics of rope, and Domina Dali was super helpful in taking the time to review the demonstrated ties individually with those of us that needed it." - D


An absolutely fantastic, hands-on, and super informative rope workshop led by the gorgeous Domina Dali. Thank you! [D] and I learned so much, and I'm still floaty and spacy" - DH

My Qualifications

My introduction to BDSM began with rope bondage back in 2011, a decade ago. I quickly became a rope bottom performing in many small and large fetish clubs in Toronto. I had the honour of performing in huge events such as Nuit Blanche, Nuit Des Cordes and MBE - Morpheous' Bondage Extravaganza in Toronto and Montreal numerous times.  The worlds largest rope bondage event with upwards of 6000+ real-time spectators and 75,000 online.


I later went on to become an accomplished rope bondage top and self rigger, performing in front of crowds of upwards of 1000+ most notably at Northbound Leather's 30th Anniversary Party with Impulse Events.  


I have been invited to teach workshops in various places around Toronto. I have learned and been tied by some of the world's most notable rope bondage experts from Toronto, Japan, Australia, and Spain.


Beyond rope bondage, I have been living and breathing kink for a decade, have attended numerous workshops and have become skilled in all my kinky desires. Rope Bondage is just my most notable specialty. I am also CPR certified.