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The Joy of Tickling

Under your skin live millions of tiny nerve endings just waiting to be tickled.

When I first saw tickling come up as a form of BDSM play "too fluffy for me," I thought. I was much younger and foolish. My oh my, boys and girls, was I ever wrong. Many years later my curiosity was ignited after seeing my friend Bastienne's tickling video. A group of joyful, screaming, laughing, Dommes going gangbusters on this poor soul. The incredibly huge smiles on their faces, all together, enjoying each other's company in such a gleeful way. I couldn't help but laugh myself, as I watched it on repeat for what seemed like an hour.

Sometime later I found myself at a private fetish party here in Toronto. Surrounded by many friends I hadn't seen in ages, I decided to invite them to tickle me all at once "for research". I say that tongue in cheek but I do think it is very important as a dominatrix to know what these things feel like should you ever be doing them to someone. Here's what I learned:

1. Tickling is not for the faint of heart.

It is absolutely a form of breath play when you are so unable to stop laughing.

2. It's painful!

I had forgotten this! I've even left bruises on others!

3. Watersports anyone?

It may be a good idea to relieve yourself ahead of time. Or sit on a very willing certain someone's lap as what happened with me! Though thankfully my friends were merciful with me.

4. Total Loss of Control

You are truly overwhelmed and submit to your body's maddening urge to laugh! You're completely at the mercy of whoever is tickling you.

4. Humiliation

I mean hopefully, you don't pee your pants, unless that's your thing! I actually got to do this for a clip my friend was making where she ended up peeing in a diaper and then I put it on her head like a hood!

So in reflection, tickling can be edge play and it is very much something I love doing to others! Plus it goes so well with rope bondage.


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