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The Games We Play

I'll devour the glowing aura from your flesh This is is the way it has always been. The coyote always eats the rabbit. The rabbit always tricks.

The glowing liquid sunlight radiating from your body Ever replenishing as we go around and around in circles But never ever satiating my fill.

This is the dance we do a thousand times, the same but different every time.

Shed all of your man made identities There's that thing inside I want to taste it and see it and know it and reflect it back to you in a thousand broken pieces that split.

Do you see?

You're the best puzzle I've ever played. And I love all the evil and horrible and wonderful games that we play. I'm a bad person with a good heart.

Won't you let me inside?

Eventually you let go of the idea of "submissive" or "slave" or that whatever it is your holding like a goddamn trophy in front of your heart.

You know I'll ruin you and you still let me eat your heart. Stick me with a hot poker, I'm sick.


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