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The Bound Photography Project & Art Exhibit by Domina Dali

In the Summer of 2019 I decided to embark on a creative rope bondage photography project I had been wanting to do for a long time. A photo-series where I would tie people to something that they felt bound to. A sort of visual poetry about the things that for better or worse we will always have in our lives.

I put out a call for people wishing to tell their stories with me in this manner. There was a huge influx of many people telling their stories of identity, trauma, and illness. My heart was full and I felt honoured that so many people wanted to share with me.

By August I began shooting in my rinky dink apartment in Toronto. With each person and each tie I got to learn so much about the people in the photographs. I believe it was a healing experience for all of us. There is so much more going on behind each photograph.

On August 22 the exhibit took place at the Toronto Media Arts Centre in association with 4 other amazing and emerging femme and non-binary artists.

Along with a projection and commentary of each photograph that was taken two live performance art pieces were done. The first was a rope bondage performance by a local Toronto femme rigger named Spizzirri.

The second was a self suspension done by myself in which I tied myself to my own bound object that represented my issues with chronic pain.

You can watch the Bound Project video projection here:

As well as searching the hashtag #theboundphotographyproject on instagram may find you a video of my self suspension performance.


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