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The Approach

Mine and yours.

My goal with this writing is to give you look inside my personal approach to professional domination. To give you a better idea of whether we will click or not. To give you insight and reasoning into my methods and ways. Other people will develop their own based on their needs and style.

First and foremost, I only accept session requests that I believe I will enjoy. I'm privileged in being able to make that choice, and acknowledge that not everyone can. Kink and BDSM is pure passion and fun for me. It's something I have been actively pursuing for the last 10+ years. Becoming a professional dominatrix has afforded me many wonderful and wild memories that probably wouldn't have occurred otherwise.

During our initial online introduction, you may be asking yourself some questions as you fill out my booking form. The better you understand that this is your way of introducing yourself as a submissive to me, the better the chances are that I choose to play with you. Instructions must be followed to a T, otherwise this is just not going to work.

I am not here to serve your fantasies. I see where our kinks intersect, and in this way, you will come to serve mine. I have no interest in making someone do something they don't want to do. Rather, I take what you love, and use it against you. The more insight into your desires and psyche all the better.

I refuse to be constricted by time. Would you shorten or lengthen the perfect date simply because it was predetermined? This is why I choose the "up to x hour" installments. Sometimes it goes under or over, allowing us both freedom to flow organically. Almost always allowing you time to relax after which very few account for or think they'll need.


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