• Domina Dali

The Alchemy of Rope Bondage

Rope Bondage goes far beyond the utilitarian purpose of restraint. Desired emotions and self-actualization can be conjured somatically and aesthetically.

I sometimes receive the request to make someone feel "pretty" in rope. Rope can be used to shape or accentuate bodies into a traditionally feminine form; Which can be very affirming in sessions that are sought out for the purpose of Feminization and Gender Affirmation. Using visually pleasing patterns combined with the DPT (Deep Pressure Therapy) effect of rope can ground someone in their body and give them a feeling of actualization and autonomy over it. Even people not wishing to play with gender benefit from a session where they get to feel pretty in rope!

Comparably, I have used rope as a form of degradation and humiliation by manipulating and exaggerating body parts. This is typically done by using rope to fuck with a person's facial features although it can really draw attention to any body part. People just tend to feel pretty vulnerable when it comes to their face. It can really pull a person into their body and bring special attention to any body part, perhaps one where they perceive some kind of disfigurement or defect. Equally, entrapping someone in a degrading situation or awkward position can be an exquisite way to elicit this feeling.

How do you want to feel?


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