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Reflections & Manifestations

It's been such a wild and expansive year and my dreams are only getting bigger.

August marked my full first year as a dominatrix. I am forever grateful to all the doms in this city who build community, offered advice, and gave friendship!

As my time becomes more constricted, I will only have room for amazing and respectful clients.

"I don't owe anyone my energy. I save my magic for the right situations. I am responsibly selective. I am decked out in the crown jewels of the cosmos. I come through dripping with a deep respect for the honour I have been given". I am grateful to all the people I had sessions with this year that brought such great energy to our sessions. So many happy memories that keep me warm.

This past year I put out The Bound Photography Project. This was my first ever exhibited work which was featured in an art gallery at the Toronto Media Arts Centre. I am thankful for the people who opened up to me and participated in such a deep and vulnerable work. I am very much looking forward to continuing this project. aeternum.

I'm currently creating more art to put into more shows and in the process of putting on a sw/ fetish art show in the new year! Keep your eyes peeled!

Stapled and Suspended

I taught my first workshop at a local dungeon and ended up teaching 6 classes this year!

I am thankful for the people who mentored me in pedagogy and BDSM. I am thankful for the people that saw talent in me reached out. I am thankful for the students who came and brought such great energy! It's such fulfilling work.I feel like I'm teaching people how to experience more or different types of joy. I wonder about how many happy memories are made as a result.

There were so many wonderful collaborations this year! I definitely want this creative energy and fun to continue!

I was interviewed on Lady Pim's Podcast and performed on her live show. I am thankful for Lady Pim, someone who truly does want to see everyone succeed! xo

I participated in a documentary about BDSM that will be showing in January!

I am thankful for those that worked with me as I had high standards for them to meet if they wished to interview me on BDSM and sex work.

I had the opportunity to do several fetish performances! I am forever grateful to all the people I had the privilege of collaborating with this year!

I am thankful for the amazing sex workers I met this year and the projects we worked on. You give me life and your support is so appreciated.

There's something that I totally lost sight of this year in the hustle and bustle of it all, that I am desperate to get back to. I need more time caring for and respecting my body. This is a major need for 2020 if I am going to keep this up!

So all of this, again. Just getting even better somehow in ways I cant imagine. Always growing and honing my craft. To this hustle that at times infuriates, and tires but also invigorates me and gives me so much love and life.


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