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A difficult, unpleasant, or embarrassing situation. When we talk about predicaments in a BDSM context we usually mean to put a bottom or submissive in a painful dilemma, often choosing between two difficult or painful scenarios. Those dilemmas or predicaments can be physical, mental, or emotional.

Please note: The following examples in this writing are forms of edge play and should not be tried at home without extensive experience, research and planning.

Physical Predicaments: Using the Body Against Itself

Playing with Muscle Fatigue: Typically this would look like restraining a bottom in such a way that the bottom could choose between two painful positions. Such as tying the bottom on tip-toe where relaxing would cause the bottom distress by pulling on or pushing into their genitals. Or perhaps choke the bottom or pull on their hair.

Playing with Stillness - The bottom would be restrained in such a way that remaining still would cause them no pain but when forced to move by torturing, tickling, or some other method - the bottom would inadvertently pull on something meant to cause them pain.The bottom is stuck between trying to remain still against their own bodily functions. One of my very first scenes as sadistic domme involved me placing needles in my submissive's chest, using tooth floss to secure to my submissive's teeth, and then inflicting him with pain as he thrashed against and pulled on his needles.

Playing with Holds - In Martial Arts there are many "hold techniques" that involve using the body against itself to move someone around. It is not recommended to try these without having experience and training in Martial Arts.

Mental Predicaments

Using the Bottom's Desires Against Them: A predicament doesn't always have to be choosing between two difficult things. It can be fun to use a "carrot" or reward as a way to put the submissive in a painful dilemma. For example if you have a foot fetishist, you can use their desire to worship feet to put them in painful scenarios while they do so. Perhaps by applying nipple clamps and placing them around your toes. The further in their mouth they go, the more their nipples will hurt, the less likely they are to stop. As a dominatrix it's a huge rush for me being served by submissive especially when it is hard for them to do so.These types of scenarios work well for service oriented submissives.

Emotional Predicaments

Using a Bottoms Sense of Morals or Shame Against Them: It can be fun to put a bottom in an embarrassing dilemma, often using their bodily functions against them.For example you can rig a bottom's feet up so that they are in such a position that they will cum on themselves.

Another example is playing with multiple bottoms in a a predicament bondage scenario forcing one to choose a position that causes pain to the other. Creating a dilemma of being able to spare the other bottom by giving themselves pain. Or cause the other pain so that they can in turn be spared.


Below is a photo of a predicament scene I did.The bottom on top is tied in such a way that she is balancing on her tip-toes while in rope bondage. When she relaxes or experiences muscle fatigue this inhibits the other bottom's ability to breathe and causes him more pain. Right on the sternum! I also placed a clothespin on her tongue causing her to uncontrollably drool all over herself and the bottom below, which they might both find embarrassing..


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