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Making Scents

The wonderful Lady Pim invited me to make a return appearance on their salacious and often silly show, The Bed Post Sex Show! A must-see happening monthly from 8-10 pm in Toronto, the perfect addition to any Friday night plans. Whether that's a night on the town or going straight to bed after. It is always such a treat to watch Lady Pim dance and be silly, she is rather good at that! I would love to rain money at her right on stage, or rather I would love to have a submissive date come and give me money to rain on her!

This performance was not only an audiovisual rope bondage delight but also an olfactory one as the beautiful scent of whipped flowers flooded the room. An effect I had not put together nor expected, but something that has inspired my performances as a dominatrix and performance artist going forward. Sometimes the art I create is very thought out and very planned. This idea suddenly flashed in my mind and I'm still interpreting the meaning of it almost as if I was an audience member too. It really took on a life of its own.

Scent was also used by another performer that night, known as Soft Honey Poetry. I thought it interesting that we both integrated this on the same night! It is always such a treat to perform alongside so many talented individuals! They passed around wooden spoons and cinnamon sticks and read baking recipes in the most sultry and innuendous way. Surprisingly mindful and intoxicating!

It's true that scent can evoke memory and different psychological states associated with them. Flowers to me often remind me of funerals. Certain sunscreens transport me to being a child at the cottage. Sandalwood of a very particular man in a very particular store who's probably past by now.

And of course many thanks to the ever enchanting Carlee Jones!


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