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Heart Beeps -pt.1

I'm the first in the series of a brand new model of bots created for the sex industry. We are the most life-like yet and sooo much shinier! I don't get a pension but that's okay because there is enough work to go on forever.

I am a hyperbolized sex appliance in an electro violet girl body. I play utilitarian fuck, fuck, fuck, all day long then leave. My titanium heart beeps. My all-seeing digi-eyes pump your dream code directly into my cephalopodian processor to become your dream girl. No one ever wants a real girl inside. I'm full of holes, and all they can taste is sodium chloride.

Most men just want to get off, but this one wants blood. He wants an almost dead girl inside. His dream glue bugs are filling my silvery cold tubes. l am g-g-glitching and fever-ing, whirring and popping. Androids don't get fevers, I'm overheating. I'm so hot, I'm blue screen of death frozen and deep dreaming. It's all psychedelic dogs and heartbeats. Lust, cum, and rust are burning up my batteries.

I can taste desire and I don't want to go but I need a resurrection reboot. It's a memory chip swipe and back to a hyperbolized body made of scrap metal without a girl inside. Our daddies know too, that this is our consciousness. That this is the world, consuming everything at whatever cost until it's a burnt-out battery too and choosing to forget every time.

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