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An Excerpt from CUIR

CUIR is a leather/BDSM zine and reincarnation of Boudoir Noir. A zine published by Northbound Leather, back in 1990. Renamed Cuir which is french for leather and a double entendre for the word queer. As the internet becomes more censored and anti-sexual expression, we are seeing more and more lifestylers, sex workers, and artists suffer. CUIR will be a printed publication to give those who are censored an alternative outlet.

Due to COVID publishing has been put on hold. It will eventually be published! For now here's an excerpt of my interview with George Giaouris, owner of Northbound Leather. In this interview we discuss his kinky origins and the origins of Northbound Leather. How Northbound had a role in creating the leather, fetish, and SM community here in Toronto. The first issue of CUIR is dedicated to censorship and we discuss that as well.


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