• Domina Dali

10,000 Clowns Exhibit

My painting "Balloon Fetish" is being featured in the 10,000 Clowns Exhibit at The Super Wonder Gallery in Toronto. Available for purchase through the gallery. The painting features a clown girl engaging in balloon popping and sitting. The balloons themselves are animated, the squished one being worried of course! Lots of amazing clown-based art by over 50 artists, including three huge hyper realistic painting portraits of clowns from Cirque Du Soleil by an artist that went on tour with them.

The exhibit will be on each Friday and Saturday of October 2020. Fear not! It's inspired by the beauty of clowns and no horror clowns were to be included. It's so much more than an art show! In addition to all the amazing art, enjoy performances and a very raunchy, clown-y fun house ride! A wonderful escape from reality during these dark times.

Why clowns you ask? The world needs them now more than ever! Don't forget your mask!


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