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“Dali is a multidisciplinary artist fascinated with exploring and giving shape to emotion and the human condition through performance art and BDSM. Their performances range from absurd to surreal and show that suffering for art can be fun!”






My performer journey began in October 2011 and was my introduction to rope bondage. I spent the next several years' rope bottoming for performances at MBE, NDC, and the Fetish Balls that would occur here in Toronto. As well as Buddies in Bad Times, Cherry Cola's and Impulse.


I debuted my first solo performance at The Toronto Media Arts Centre in August 2019 during a gallery show that featured my art known as The Bound Photography Project; Which featured photographs of people bound to an object that symbolizes something they feel they will always have in their life. This explored themes such as gender, memories, mental, and physical health. The performance featured me tying myself to my own bound object.


Later that year I performed several more times and appeared on talks, and taught a couple of workshops. This list will include performances and talk appearances. 

September 2019 - Self Suspension at The Bed Post Sex Show


September 2019 - Interviewed and filmed doing a rope suspension for a documentary on BDSM and consent called "Ask For It".


October 2019 - Burlesque-y BDSM performance at Oasis Aqualounge. I was Cruella De Vil and "skinned" my dalmatian puppy.


November 2019 - Demo's at the Taboo Show


December 2019 - Kink Panel Discussion for Health Care Workers with Den Temin


December 2019 - Celebrated my birthday with a rope suspension/interactive human pinata performance at Bathhouse & Bodyworks.


January 2020 - Played the "Sand Trap" in interactive human golf experience at Bathhouse & Bodyworks. Here to make you lose and fuck with your balls.


January 2020 - Rope and whipping performance at The Bed Post Sex Show. I placed flowers all over my subject and whipped them off. Petals falling to the floor and filling the room with a beautiful scent.


Some kind words from an audience member:

"To be so incredibly moved by a kink performance is something I never imagined nor anticipated... thank you for your beautiful work on stage tonight. The beauty of it is still lingering in my mind...".

February 9th - Fetish Performance at Bathhouse & Body Works. DINO HUNT


February 10th - Live recording of the bedpost 


February 22nd - Northbound Leather's 30th Anniversary of Fetish Night. A collaboration with Impulse. (Theatrical Rope Suspension Performance)


February 29th - The Super Naughty Show at Super Wonder Gallery


March 29th - Rope Demo/ Workshop/ Q+A at Sapphic Aquatica (moved online at a later date due to the pandemic)

TBA - "Ask For It" A short documentary to air at Ted Rogers Hot Doc Cinema

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