Custom Clips - $100

I enjoy collaborating with my clients for a pleasurable experience. Our clip will be a genuine expression of femdom as I do not accept scripts. I can also take your idea and run with it! My custom Femdom POV clips start at $100 dollars and go untimed. This gives me the most creative freedom and ensures there's no filler.  There's a 2 week turn around on custom clips. 

Online Consultation - $100

Curious about my offerings but wish to understand more first or just want to chat? This is the best  and most respectful way to engage me in conversation. This can be done through email or via an online video chat application.

Long Distance D/s - $100 per week

I am also happy to engage in long-distance dynamics of many kinds. Whether that's keyholding or something else. $100/week.

Let's discuss!

"Thank you so much for the custom clip. I won't forget the time and care you took to understand my kinks and what I was hoping to feel. The result is an immersive experience I will enjoy over and over. Your voice is, at once, seductive and commanding. I am now devoted and I look forward to our next project." - P


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