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Femdom POV Custom Clips - $100

I enjoy collaborating with my clients for a pleasurable experience. Our clip will be a genuine expression of femdom as I do not accept scripts. I can also take your idea and run with it! My custom Femdom POV clips start at $100 dollars and go untimed. This gives me the most creative freedom and ensures there's no filler.  There's a 2 week turn around on custom clips. 

Long Distance D/s - $100 per week - Done through email

I am also happy to engage in long-distance dynamics of many kinds. Whether that's keyholding or something else. $100/week.

Let's discuss!

"Thank you so much for the custom clip. I won't forget the time and care you took to understand my kinks and what I was hoping to feel. The result is an immersive experience I will enjoy over and over. Your voice is, at once, seductive and commanding. I am now devoted and I look forward to our next project." - P

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