Meet your Mistress

I'm a professional dominatrix in Toronto. I've always had an attraction to all that is different, dark, and subversive. BDSM is something I am very passionate about and have been exploring, honing, and evolving with for nearly a decade. I'm the real deal and bring the authenticity of being a lifestyler, and the expertise of a being Prodomme. 

I'm also a visual and performance artist. I have had my kink focussed art published in galleries and have performed at fetish and art events that have had crowds of up to 1000 people. I bring my art into the dungeon, every session should be a masterpiece.

My skills are highly varied. I have a love for mastering the highly technical. I'm a spitfire of a rigger and needle top just to name a few. I also love the simplicity and bliss of sloppy messy degradation. I'm highly creative and you can bet that I bring that into my sessions.

I find the human mind and body to be beautiful. I love to explore the universe inside my submissives and guide them through transformative and deeply erotic experiences. There is nothing you can ask of me that I will judge you for. Bring me your deepest desires. It's my responsibility as a Dominatrix to create a safe space for us to explore in. I highly value open communication and consent. I am open to all kinks (within my limits), body types, adult ages, races, genders, and sexual orientations.


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 Professional Dominatrix - Domina Dali - Toronto, ON Canada