Let's Play!

I'm available for a wide range of in-person dates. From casual chats over coffee to subtle domination dinner dates.


I often attend and perform at many of Toronto's fetish events, where we can do not so subtle acts of D/s in public.


We can also session one-on-one in a discreet private dungeon located in downtown Toronto.


I also have many beautiful dominant friends should you want to be double dommed. I'm open to other ideas as well!

Let's explore our desires and see where we end up. I'm open to many adventures in BDSM, though I do have my limits.



Casual Consultation Over Coffee

Up to  2 hours- $200

Subtle D/s Dinner Date

(plus the cost of dinner)

2 hours - $250


Fetish Party Date

(Includes play) 

3-4 hours - $450

(+ the cost of event tickets)

Private Dominatrix Session

(read more about play options here)

Up to 1.5 hours - $600

each additional hour is $200

Something else?

just ask!


"You were so incredibly thoughtful and thorough in responding to my requests, as well as careful and caring towards my limits and my desire to push them." - O, a regular commenting on our first session


"You were like Bugs Bunny, running around and causing trouble. It was so sexy." - C. on group play with me.


“Thank you for an incredibly cathartic experience that surpassed my expectations and was exactly what I needed.” - K. on our pain session


"When Alan Moore Prays to his snake gods he prays for a girl like you" - A. post-session thoughts


“I would like to thank You for such a transcendental experience. I loved every second being at Your service, i truly felt in my real place beneath Your sweet, lovely adorable feet.” - Z. on our foot worship session