Professional Dominatrix - Domina Dali - Toronto, ON Canada


Domina Dali is a performer, educator, and professional Dominatrix with 9 years of lifestyle experience.



Live your fantasies. Find your peace. Heal.


The desire to experience pain is a natural part of being a human. Many cultures use pain as rite of passage. Our modern society has erased this crucial part of many of us. Fulfill these natural desires and find your inner peace. 

From a sensual spanking through flogging, paddling, cropping or caning, I am well versed in impact play and implements, as well as more rarefied tools of delicious suffering.


When the body is bound, ironically we are free to be ourselves. Bound and helpless, you will experience a new freedom, subject to my whims.

We can explore a variety of restraints, but I specialize in Rope Bondage, which I have divined to be most profound.


I will reduce your world to Sisyphean choices: Would you prefer to hurt… HERE? Or suffer like THIS? Now …  choose …


Predicaments usually involve bondage, pain, and a psychological aspect. Read More...


How much is your motivation worth?

Better living through BDSM! Achieve your personal goals or your depraved desires with a firm hand to guide you. 


What is the object of your fixation? These heels? Those boots? This leather?

Fulfill your innate desire to worship


How much is too little? How much is too much? Want to find out?

Pleasure and Pain… A great way to reset. Better than a day at the spa!


 I will show you where you belong and what you can be.

A way of transforming your body and mind into a simpler and more useful form.


Discard the trappings of your masculinity and unchain your feminine side.

I will dress you up as my perfect doll or my filthy little slut. You will know what it means to be a woman!


For when it is just too much…

Don’t you just want to feel like a kid again?


That thing you just can't get off your mind..

Let's explore the depths of our imagination. Need I say more?



Be my prized receptacle..

Explore shame and shamelessness


“Thank you for an incredible cathartic experience that surpassed my expectations and was exactly what I needed.” - K.

"When Alan Moore Prays to his snake gods he prays for a girl like you" - A.

"Playing with Domina Dali was amazing! She brought a wonderful energy that combined youthful enthusiasm with gravitas and warmth. My experience in her hands was both a delight  and a transformation. Cannot wait to repeat!" - G.

"You were so incredibly thoughtful and thorough in responding to my requests, as well as careful and caring towards my limits and my desire to push them." - O


“I would like to thank You for such a transcendental experience. I loved every second being at Your service, i truly felt in my real place beneath Your sweet, lovely adorable feet.” - Z.



Note: Domina Dali does not take part in any illegal activities of any kind. She will not accept intoxicated guests or provide intimate services.